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is a former three-term republican senator, larry press pressler, who's trying to run as an independent in order to get back to washington. >> my goal is to have a term in the senate where i could vote my conscience completely without being tied to a caucus. i expect both republican and democratic support, and i expect to win. >> despite being the only major candidate without -- a political resume to the race. he worked on tom daschle and cook's -- he was then appointed by president clinton ton a regional director for fema. so far whyland has weiland says he would rather shake hands than shake down big donors, banking more than a million on cash on hand that dwarfs weiland, and has a told of almost $385,000 during the same period. fittingly is his first bill would be federal election campaign reform. before he can beat a former governor and a former senator who have a lot of name recognition, so far the democratic party hasn't clearly and publicly embraced him. i'm joined by rick weiland this morning. it seems as if democrats are on the ropes trying to control the senate. one of the rac
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Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3